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P. Jason King Compensation Negotiations

Corporations are armed with Human Resource Managers, Benefits Specialists, and more… NOW, you can have someone who works directly for you. The P. Jason King Negotiations Team, are skilled Negotiators who will ensure that you receive the BEST Compensation/Remuneration Package available.

This is not a new service or trend. Our Executive Search division has been a Candidate’s advocate for over 4 decades. Today, however, this service is available to you whether you have located a new position through another Search Firm, Personnel Service, or are dealing directly with the hiring company.
Even if the hiring company does not allow your Consultant to act in the capacity of a Negotiator, we will school you in what to look for, what is reasonable to expect, how to Negotiate a better package for yourself. We are not going to provide you with lessons. We are not an institute of higher learning; besides, you do not have time for that. We will discuss the Offer that is on the Table, in-depth with you, and make the appropriate recommendations.

Although today most companies do not offer Contracts, all companies do put the Offer in writing … If you received a Contract, you would consult an Attorney in order to ensure that you are being protected. Now you have another Consultant available for you. Our Candidate Compensation Negotiations Program (CNP) can assist you and your Career to get off to the right start.

Let’s face it…your Career is very important. It dictates where you will reside, the lifestyle you will have for you and your family, your networking (and perhaps country club facilities), the vehicle you drive, the vacations you enjoy, the memories you make, and, of course, your retirement benefits.

Why shouldn’t you have a Professional well-seasoned Expert on your side. Our Negotiators are skilled in making things happen…the Right Things! They DO NOT make decisions for you, but they do tell you if you are not being realistic, or if the numbers you desire are not competitive. We are your Consultant. We are your Compensation Negotiator.

 Some of the company benefits we negotiate on a daily basis include:

Salary, Expenses, Relocation Packages and Expenses, Real Estate Family Trips, Temporary Housing, Housing, Medical, Dental, Prescription Card, Eye Glasses, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance (short and/or long term), Pension Plan, 401K (matched or unmatched), Stock, Stock Options, Club Memberships, Fraternal Memberships, Travel, Limousine, Company Jet usage, Retreats, Company Car and/or Repair Services, Car Allowance, Garage, Car Insurance, Tolls, Mileage, Car Expenses, Expense Accounts, Signing (Sign-On) Bonus, Incentives, Incentive Plan, Annual Bonus, Commissions, Extended Vacation Plans, Golden Parachutes, (collectively the "Total Compensation Value") or any other perk or inducement provided to employees or provided as a special consideration to ensure candidate's acceptance of employment.

We Negotiate only in US Dollars.

We have the right to not accept a candidate without assigning a reason thereto.


Our fees are determined by your current compensation and targeted compensation, along with a percentage of additional benefits we negotiate on your behalf. Fees range from as low as 7% of your most recent base salary to an additional 10% to 15% of negotiated benefits.

Note: The above prices are based on our conducting all Negotiations via the telephone or a Skype or similar, which, in the last 40 years, has been over 98.7%. If we need to travel to a headquarters location, the additional expenses of transportation, accommodations, meal services, limousine, etc., would be arranged for and paid for, in advance, by you. There is also an additional daily rate charge that would be determined.

Terms: A non-refundable retainer will be discussed, the balance after all negotiations have been completed, whether you accept the new position or not. This is non-negotiable. There are no refunds should you decide not to accept employment with the firm we have negotiated with on your behalf.

To Contract for this service, please e-mail us so that we can send you our CONFIDENTIAL QUESTIONAIRE. Services can usually be contracted within 48 hours.

Send us an e-mail with your Name, Home Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Home Telephone Number with Area Code, Time Zone, Cell Phone with Area Code, Best Time to Reach, Cities where you anticipate Negotiations would take place, and your salary range.

CompNego@PJasonKingAssociates.com (PLEASE place the words NEGOTIATIONS CONSULTANTS in your SUBJECT BOX)

Filling out our CONFIDENTIAL QUESTIONAIRE, does not obligate you to accept our service.