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P. Jason King Career Development's approach is to provide experienced, business-savvy professionals to work closely with each client. Our primary mission is to address any developmental or other issue standing in the way of you becoming a better leader. We provide the mapping strategies and disciplines involved in searching for that new position.


Planning and Needs Analysis

The Executive and our Coach meet to explore issues and concerns - business, work/life balance, career, etc. The Executive’s personal objectives and needs for support or development are defined. The role of the Coach is explained and the process begins.


The Executive and his/her Coach identify the critical key objectives to be accomplished first, create action plans, timelines, and develop a strategy for effective relationships with management, boards of directors (where appropriate), peers, and direct reports.

The Coach acts as the Executive’s objective confidant, sounding board, communications expert, and leadership consultant. Through pre-set meetings, creative approaches, and feedback, the desired actions and goals are achieved. Specialty Coaches with expertise in image and presentation skills are available to join our team, if applicable or necessary.

    Strengthening the leadership of an organization
    Determining current thinking and technique patterns now being utilized by senior management and what needs to be rectified
    Developing an on-going one-on-one relationship (dialogue) with the Executive
    Establishing a climate that fosters professional growth
    Assisting the Executive to set and achieve his/her goals
  Determining venues available based on strengths/weaknesses
Evaluating present and future goals/ambitions
Real discussions on relocation and its positive impact
Minimizing the trauma associated with separation
Helping to develop a positive, constructive attitude
Providing direction, structure, and a sense of purpose
Encouraging individuals by introducing alternative career paths

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P. Jason King Career Development
offers, on a limited basis, Executive Résumés, a unique career/life management service for individual executives. This beneficial service will assist an executive in developing a vision that takes into account both personal and professional goals, assessing his or her managerial and leadership competencies, and creating a strategy for self-marketing in order to manage one’s career more effectively.



Our unique process moves beyond the standard assessment programs that proliferate the marketplace. Our resources include over a quarter century of research and development.

P. Jason King Career Development
has combined its team of professional recruiters, consultants, and associates to develop new assessment programs a minimum of twice a year.

These programs incorporate a number of disciplines including interviewing techniques, written testing, and probing questions from an employer’s perspective.

We do not promote any single system, but rather prefer to ascertain the ability to measure the qualities, competencies, and behaviors that are relevant to you and your success within a company.

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