Whether you are a senior executive and need to run ideas by someone who cares, have strong diversified Travel Industry knowledge, or you have a company that is looking to acquire other companies, merge, or try something radical… You have your financial people and your lawyers, Now have one of the most influential advisors on your team…

Jason King has been providing these consulting services for over 30 years to regular clients of his Executive Search Business or Clients who have awarded Consulting Contracts. Now, it will be available for all, all who can afford the fees.

The fees may seem a bit steep, but the sheer amount of information and in-depth knowledge that he provides makes his clients keep coming back for more.

Get an upper hand on the competition, your peers, or those you aspire to become.
Gain The King Asset Today!

King will sign NDA’s for all clients who request them. Most clients usually wish to be anonymous. The firm was founded in 1975 by P. Jason King. Jason is well known for his “getting down to it” style immediately. “If you are looking for ‘Fluff’ you will not find it here,” states King in a recent interview.

Jason born and bred in New York City seems rough around the edges, but those who know him well say he is a “pussy cat,” his New York accent and demeanor cut through the “nonsense” that seems to be a prerequisite with many other consultants.

His clients appreciate his quick mind in attacking a problem. He is known to create several solutions within a matter of days, sometimes hours. The firm offers a FREE CONSULTATION.

Previous/Current Clients include a large Consolidator, several Medium to Upscale Tour Operators, a Start-Up Airline, Travel Consortia, and others all within the Travel Industry exclusively.

For further information contact the company toll free 1-888-697-7899 or visit their “Consulting Services” found on our web site.

Coach/Mentor/Counselor & Consultant/Advisor
Includes days, nights, some weekends, & emergencies.
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All Fees are paid via Bank Wire Transfers in US Dollars. P. Jason King Associates, Inc. has the right to refuse to do business with any company it chooses without assigning a reason thereto. Prices/Fees subject to change without notice.

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